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Design Document For The Scripts That Generate The Function Reference

This application will generate:

a. Every Rebol function page and each page will have
	1. Function Name
	2. Usage
	3. Argument
	4. Refinement(s)
	5. Example(s)
	6. Related(s)
b. Two index pages
	1. Index in alphabetical order
	2. Index by function type

Also, once all the files have been created, it will upload all these files and directories to the Atronix DokuWiki.


1. Function Name, Usage, Argument, and Refinement(s) information is right from the Rebol interpreter.

2. Example(s), Related(s), and Comments information is from metadata.r (entered manually).

3. Index by function type is from index_by_type_metadata.r (entered manually).

4. If you run this application for the first time, please do not synchronize with the server, because there is nothing on the server that can be synchronized yet.

5. Backup: Once you successfully ran this application for the first time, you will be able to synchronize with the server. Also, in order to save all these comments permanently, this application will create a new metadata.r file each time with a date_metadata.r (e.g. 1-Oct-2015-metadata.r).

6. Restore: If you want to restore this website to a particular date, you only need to change that date-matadata.r (e.g. 1-Otc-2015-metadata.r) to metadata.r, and then run this application

Here is a visual view of this application:

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